Tack cloth “Super Wave” easily adopts palm shape, due to which it fits tightly against the surface upon wiping–no need in supplementary devices.
Larger area of the surface and, at the same time, a smaller contact zone allow for secure dust binding inside the cloth, regardless of the size of dust particles.
The carrier material lets dust easily enter into the inner layers and provides additional security and the highest possible dust absorption capacity.
The impregnation of the cloth does not dry out and is compatible with all kinds of refinishing materials.

For dust binding for dust-free sanding and refinishing.

• Wavelike surface is hugely important for removing dust from large and even parts
• Easily adapts to the surface being treated
• Excellently absorbs dust
• Glides easily along the surface
• User-friendly
• No need in supplementary devices.

Metal parts, rubber, glass, chrome-plated surfaces, putties, primers/fillers, OEM/refinishing coatings.


Art.: 6-110-0001, 80 cm х 80 cm

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