Stirring Sticks

A plastic stick for stirring paints and clear coats. It is made of mechanically strong polypropylene which is not affected by organic solvents.

Car refinish.

• A notch on the stick ensures effective mixing of materials even near the walls of the can
• The shape and location of the notch make it possible to use a stick with a variety of cans that are used in the paintwork industry
• One side of the stick is keen and it ensures easy removal of material from the can walls
• The stick allows avoiding paint color error that can result from incomplete mixing of color components
• Smooth surface can be easily cleaned of material residues
• Can be cleaned in a spray gun washing machine
• Easy to clean, as there are no holes where the material can remain.

Art.: 7-760-1020, black, 20 cm
Art.: 7-760-1027, black, 27 cm
Art.: 7-760-1120, white, 20 cm
Art.: 7-760-1127, white, 27 cm

Neutral and CARfit

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