There are lots of parts in modern cars that are made of plastics. The most often repaired parts are the most expensive ones – bumpers, lamp cases and etc. Plastic Stapler Kit is specially designed for quick and easy repair of damaged plastic parts including elements exposed to significant mechanical effects. The repair is performed by melting steel staples into the plastic part pieces. The staples are of different shapes for repairing plain and angled parts. As a result you will get strong joint in a few seconds.

It’s designed for repair, restoration and reinforcement of plastic parts.

• Reinforcement of cracks and chips with steel staples
• Smoothening of surface after repair
• Cutting of plastic tapes and foamed plastics with melting knife
• Hole patching
• Soldering of lead and tin.

Standard shipment
– Heating device (stapler);
– 4 types of stainless steel staples (20 pieces each);
– Melting knife
– Plastic case.

Art.: 8-100-0000 Plastic Stapler Kit
Art.: 8-100-0300 300 pcs.Staples for Stapler Kit

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