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C.A.R.Fit Paint Remover Spray is a sprayable paint stripper without CKW, NMP and aromatics for removing old paint and varnish layers based on oil, nitrocellulose, dispersion or synthetic resin from all common substrates like stone, wood or metal.
Furthermore, it can also be applied on following plastic substrates without etching them: POM,PVC, PC and PP-EPDM.


Apply C.A.R.Fit Paint Remover Spray uniformly and generously. In case of
multilayer coatings, we recommend applying a second generous layer of the
product. After a reaction time of approx. 20 minutes, use a spatula to check
the dissolving progress. If the product doesn’t penetrate the paint layers to
the substrate, remove the upper, dissolved varnish and paint layers
mechanically with a spatula. Repeat the stripping process until old paint
works are completely removed. This product provides a very long open time.
However, if this product dries before the bottom coat has dissolved, just reapply another layer of this paint stripper.


• Free from CKW, NMP and aromatics
• Stable also on vertical surfaces
• Excellent etching properties
• Laborious application by brush is not necessary

Art.: 7-553-0400, 400 ml.


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Processing conditions

From +15°C and up to 80% relative air humidity.