Ozone Generator


CARFIT Ozone Generator is designed for cleaning and disinfection of air, surfaces and parts of cars, vans, trailers, as well as rooms with a volume of up to 50 m3 from unpleasant odors, viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, allergens by generating ozone.


• Fully automatic: to carry out the work, you only need to select one of the three proposed programs and press the start button
• Generates the amount of ozone required for room treatment using a corona discharge
• Ozone capacity: at least 3.5 g/hour
• Automatically converts the remaining ozone after treatment into safe oxygen
• Equipped with built-in fans for more intensive mixing of ozone with air
• Consumes a small amount of electricity.

Advantages of ozone treatment

• Destroys all known viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, their spores, protozoan cysts, etc.
• There are no ozone-resistant forms of microbes
• Destroys known microorganisms up to 3000 times faster than any other means of disinfection
• Has maximum penetrating power and acts within a few seconds
• Residual ozone is rapidly converted into oxygen.


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