Mounting tape PE (Saint-Gobain)

Saint-Gobain adhesive tape with expanded polyethylene base has high performance adhesive layer with protector on the each side. The protector prevents tape coil gluing in the roll.

The material is used for gluing and fastening logos, nameplates, interior trimming elements, external decorative parts, mirrors and etc.

• Increased dynamic shift and adhesion
• Durable adhesive layer
• Applicable in a wide range of weather conditions
• Easy to apply to cold surfaces, and it is very useful at low temperatures and in winter
• Foam base easy sticks to surfaces of any shape and increase adhesion
• Blue protector.

All kind of metal, OEM substrates.

Art.: 9-171-0905, 9 mm x 5 m
Art.: 9-171-1205, 12 mm x 5 m
Art.: 9-171-1905, 19 mm x 5 m

SKU: 9-171 Category: Product ID: 2052

Additional information

Tape color


Protector color


Application temperature

-40°C…+50°C (long term)

Cold slam test resistance


Peel adhesion (180°)

8 N/cm (AFERA 5001)

Dynamic shear

65 N/cm² (AFERA 4024)

Tensile strength