The C.A.R.FIT Fast Paint System (FPS) is a new and modern paint preparation system designed for mixing, filling and temporary storage of coatings. It provides an easy way for clean paint preparation ensuring time and material savings.

FPS can be used for every type of the spray gun with the help of special adapters.

Enables the storage and later use of the left over paint.

Art.: 3-225-0002, 1 hard cup, 1 collar , capacity 650 ml
Art.: 3-225-0125, 25 inner cups, 25 lids, 12 caps, 125 microns
Art.: 3-225-0190, 25 inner cups, 25 lids, 12 caps, 190 microns
Art.: 3-226-0001, Fast Paint System Adapter for W400/W400LV/WR400/LPH400
Art.: 3-226-0002, Fast Paint System adapter for Sagola 4100 GTO
Art.: 3-226-0003, Fast Paint System adapter for Devilbiss GTI
Art.: 3-226-0004, Fast Paint System adapter for SATA QCC
Art.: 3-226-0005, Fast Paint System adapter  for IWATA Supernova WS400/LS400
Art.: 3-226-0006, Fast Paint System adapter for IWATA LPH-80mini



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Additional information


All are corrosion-resistant of paint & thinner
Black colour liner and lid are UV-resistant.

Melting point

Lid & Outer cup = 170℃
Liner = 120℃ (Max. Working temp. = 80℃)