Cutting Compound Black Label


BLACK LABEL Cutting Compound has been designed for applications on used and weathered paint surfaces . The unique Powder Technology provides
an outstanding cut, a perfect brilliant mirror-like gloss and a minimum of dust formation. Effortlessly removes scratches and grit P 1500 sanding marks in
seconds. Our formula provides best processing properties on conventional and scratch-resistant paint surfaces.


The Cutting Compound can generally be applied with all Polishing Pads. For best results, we recommend the use of a medium-hard or a hard Pad. It
can also be applied with rotary as well as orbital polishing machines.

Cutting power 5,5 – Extra Heavy
Gloss level  4,5 High
Protection level None
Sand paper P1500

Clear coat system Conventional paintwork : Yes
Scratch-resistant paintwork : Yes
Paint finish application  Used paintwork : Yes
Fresh paintwork : No
Application By Hand /Machine : Yes
Speed polisher Rot.: 1500 – 2000 RPM, Ex. :2000 – 10000 RPM

Shelf-life and storage conditions

Shelf-life 2 years
Storage temperature 15°C – 25°C
Old/OEM or fully cured fresh refinishing coatings.

Art.: 5-100-1000, 1L


SKU: 5-100-1000 Category: Product ID: 2083

Additional information


Initial boiling point and boiling range


Flash point

VOC-value (in g/L):

15,036 % (168,408 g/l)

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