Cleaning cloths

Car Clean Multi

Lint-free cloths (w/o dispenser) with a high resistance to oils and solvents for the removal of spilled oil, paint, ink, etc.

Art.: 8-801-0050, 50 pcs. (450 mm x 267 mm)
Art.: 8-801-0500, 500 pcs. (roll 380 mm x 320 mm)

Double Layer Cleaning Cloths

Highly durable double-layer lint-free cleaning cloths made of quality embossed crepe paper; 1000 pcs. per roll

Art.: 8-802-1000, 380 mm х 370 mm

Nonwoven Polishing Cloth

Very soft lint-free cloth made of nonwoven fabric, 320х360 mm, for polishing fresh and old coatings, 400 pcs. per roll

Art.: 8-800-0400, 320 mm x 360 mm

Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Woven microfiber cloth for fast and efficient cleaning of the surface without using cleaning agents, folded

Art.: 8-803-0002, 400 mm x 400 mm