Soft Putty

High quality two component filling polyester putty with fine grain composition for smoothening small and middle-size irregularities. Can be used as fine putty for small defect removal before application of finishing coatings

Art.: 2-121-0500, 0.5 kg
Art.: 2-121-1000, 1.0 kg
Art.: 2-121-1800, 1.8 kg

Glass Putty

Two component polyester putty reinforced with fiberglass is used for filling small holes and areas damaged by corrosion; the product suits for deep dents filling too

Art.: 2-141-0500, 0.5 kg
Art.: 2-141-1000, 1.0 kg
Art.: 2-141-1800, 1.8 kg

Multi Putty

Multifunctional two-component polyester putty for steel, galvanized steel, aluminium and fiberglass plastics

Art.: 2-210-2000, 2 kg (can)
Art.: 2-210-1500, 1.5 kg (cartridge)

Multi Plus Putty

High quality two component polyester putty with fine grain composition for smoothing irregularities of different types of surfaces; the product is used in automotive refinishing

Art.: 2-211-2000, 2.0 kg
Art.: 2-211-3000, 3.0 kg

Spray Putty

Two component polyester sprayable putty for filling surface irregularities, sanding marks and pinholes on car and commercial vehicle body parts as well as on vehicle structural components

Art.: 2-251-1000, 1.0 kg

Plastic Putty

2K high-plasticity polyester putty for plastic parts repair; excellent adhesion to plastics, fast drying and easy sanding

Art.: 2-160-0500, 0.5 kg