Carbon Putty

Two component polyester putty of medium viscosity reinforced with carbon fiber is used for filling small holes and areas damaged by corrosion; the product suits for deep dents filling too

Art.: 2-125-1800, 1.8 kg

Multi Soft Putty

High quality two component polyester putty with fine grain composition for smoothing irregularities in the car refinishing sector, vehicles and mechanical engineering

Art.: 2-250-0900, 0.9 kg
Art.: 2-250-1400, 1.4 kg
Art.: 2-250-1800, 1.8 kg

Fill & Fine Putty

Two component elastic filling and finishing putty of medium viscosity for eliminating both small and medium dents

Art.: 2-111-1000, 1 L

Alu & Soft Putty

Two component aluminum-filled polyester putty used as filling putty for repair of metal and fiberglass car body parts

Art.: 2-181-1000, 1.0 kg

Blue Light Putty

Two component light weight filling putty for eliminating both small and large dents

Art.: 2-235-1000, 1 L