Blue Light Putty

Blue Light Putty

Two component light weight filling putty for eliminating both small and large dents.

Polyester putty for eliminating car and commercial vehicle body imperfections.

• Due to its low density the putty ensures low weight of the repaired parts
• Remarkable for its excellent flexibility, easy application and shaping
• Creates the pore-free surface of fine structure without scratches ensuring low filler consumption
• Easy to sand without clogging
• Intended for manual/machine dry sanding

Steel, fiberglass plastics, wood, polyester materials, OEM substrates*.

*Do not apply on one component (etch and anticorrosive) primers and thermoplastics. Application on paintwork coatings is not recommended.

Art.: 2-235-1000, 1.0 L (can), w/hardener
Art.: 2-235-1700, 1.7 L (cartridge), w/hardener



Color light blue
Density 800–900 g/L
Flash point 32°C
VOC 12 g/L
EU limit value 2004/42/IIB(b)(250)